About Us

I am a young mom of 2; my son William (born 2018) and my daughter Annalise (born April 2020). I have been married to my husband since late 2018.

I decided to start Marigold Bows after my daughter was born; being stuck at home during the pandemic made it difficult to go out and find cute bows. My babes head was so tiny and it felt impossible finding bows with sizing and adorable patterns while still being affordable - so I decided to make some

Why 'Marigold Bows'? Marigold is the October birth flower which is my birth month.  I wanted something unique while still being connected to me. My initials are also MB (Mariah Beers) so MB matched perfectly! 

My personal instagram is @mariahbeers if anyone would like to follow and get to know the creator.

Thank you for all your support!

xo, MarigoldBow